Death Rattle

My grandfather used to cut the filters off his cigarettes. With a jackknife that looked as if it had survived, alongside my grandfather, getting shot down over Germany and being held in a POW camp, he’d decapitate the cigarette without ever losing a single, wiry hair of tobacco. Then he’d toss the filter—his only protection…

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Pedaling Forward

My neck burns, strained from looking straight ahead, so I let my chin fall; it kisses my chest. I groan and never want to look up again. My entire spine tingles as the pain melts away and relief trickles down my back. While I savour this euphoria, the sun begins licking my exposed neck. The…

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Wrecking Ball

While I set up the tables and chairs in a high school classroom, what would become extra’s holding, my two bosses, John and Dean, sat on the windowsill beside the teacher’s desk. Watching me as if watching a fly buzz around the room, they discussed their plan for the day, positioning production assistants onset, at…

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